Published Work

1918859_166911776871_7886383_nInterview with filmmaker Richard Stanley, October 2015

The tragedy of a young artist first enticed and then crushed by the Hollywood money machine is nothing new, yet there’s likely no more heinous instance of this sort of tinseltown trampling than with director Richard Stanley… (more)


Review of Faith No More live in Toronttho, May 2015

It’s been eighteen years since eclectic metal legends Faith No More disappeared in a swirl of mild acrimony. To say FNM singer Mike Patton has remained busy in the ensuing… (more

Interview with musician Rob Zombie, March 2013

For fans of Rob Zombie and his multitude of media tentacles, Christmas is coming in April. In addition to Zombie’s much-anticipated, hotly-debated arthouse horror THE LORDS OF SALEM galloping onto screens…(more)th2

Interview with Environmental Documentarian Jeff Orlowski, November 2012

CHASING ICE is a film not made with you in mind. Chances are if you’re spending time reading Rooted’s blog, you are already aware of the consequences of ignoring climate change—that dangerous precipice over which the globe currently dangles. You probably understand…(more)67fesif26h06tcrqojcq_400x400


Set visit of the TOTAL RECALL remake, June 2012

With remakes of beloved titles hitting multiplexes on a seemingly weekly basis, it’s a tricky balancing act for those filmmakers to attract new fans as well as satisfying devotees of the source material. It’s a battle… (more)th1