After a long absence, my little site has been revived with a fresh look and updated interface. The big news from the interim break is the launch of Charles Band’s DELIRIUM magazine. Tucked inside a massive RE-ANIMATOR retrospective is my chat with actress Barbara Crampton, and the whole enchilada is …

John Carpenter: FANGORIA legend!

Fangoria’s limited collector’s line of special issues returns with a tribute to the inimitable John Carpenter. Inside, I put up my dukes and defend two of Carpenter’s most dismissed films, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and THE WARD. I’ll wait for the snickers to die down before I state that the …

Rob Zombie!

My interview with Rob Zombie on Q&A: Rob Zombie talks “LORDS OF SALEM” novel, new album and more Check the April issue of Fangoria for the bulk of the Q and A, including talk about the new album, guitarist John 5, and more!

HAUNTER in full

Up now on, my entire set visit to Vincenzo Natali’s HAUNTER.

Frightful Fairytales

At the behest of Fango editor (editrix?) Kier-La Janiesse, my look at ten freaky childhood tales that would fit perfectly on a movie screen:

PARANORMAL promotion

My Fangoria interview with fantastic teen actress Kathryn Newtown, star of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4:

A salute to MAMA

It’s funny. When I was on the set of MAMA, another journalist asked Guillermo Del Toro if horror were truly and finally dead. It was soon after the FRIGHT NIGHT remake and a slew of other theatrical fright flicks had bombed severely, but Del Toro just laughed that off. He …